Well, this is going to be about me. Mostly me. My world. My head. My life. It can be messy, complicated, funny, lame all of that. I’ve never had a blog before. I want one now because I want to have something to confide in. I’ve gathered humans can’t be trusted enough. So I turn to cyberspace. Disillusioned. No. Just a realist.

I’m very moody. I love being in love. Possess a terrible temper though. Things never go the way I want to but at least I’m not the only one saying this! I enjoy food. Relish it. I hate exercise. I love the colours blue, white and green. I’m a Leo. Very egotistic at times. Extremely grouchy and childish. I’m curious about everything. My friends form a large part of my universe. I love my mother. She’s my pillar. I adore my nieces. I look up to my brother. He’s wonderful. And I’m still getting to know my father. I think I like making things complicated for me. I like whining about how nobody loves me. I seek a lot of attention. Music forms a large part of my world. I’m partially deaf because of it. I love reading. It calms me. I love sweet things. Boondi ke laddu? Yes.

I’m still in the process of understanding of what I want from life. How to move further,how to walk straight without tripping, how to not walk into walls.

Merryweatherstorms is almost an oxymoron. That’s how I would describe myself as well. Full of contradictions but sound really interesting.

Merry because I like being happy and making other people happy, merry weather because that is what everybody likes to see but stormy inside. I definitely sound like a full of angst teenager.

My writings is purely on the spur of the moment. I will log in,write and get it off my chest. Whatever plays on my mind, I want to put it down here and get on with life.

Merryweatherstorms is intended as a personal raving and ranting outlet but since it’s on a public domain, I wish all the readers the best for going through inane thoughts.

Just in case, if there is a need to contact me, it can be done via email: merryweatherstorms@gmail.com. Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Merryweatherstorms


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