It’s all about the ‘Basics’

Well, basically, I’m writing to tell you that basically everybody these days is using basically too much. It’s become a fad! Basically, everybody is using basically as a conjunction between their sentences so that they basically don’t have to say ummmmm.

Basically, I’m guessing you don’t believe me, eh? So let me give you a real life example. Basically, during office hours, we aren’t supposed to watch movies in the conference room. But this one instance that I am referring too is when there were no managers in the office. Naturally, all hell broke lose. We had music blaring out of laptops, people playing juice pong (office is a no-alcohol zone) and all of those crazy things that you can do in a boring mining project office.

Basically, I think I’m diverting from the point. So well, there was a movie playing in the conference room, on the wonderful Dose surround sound system. Everybody is delirious with laughter because of Ralph Fiennes antics on screen. Basically, we were watching the Grand Budapest Hotel. Nobody noticed the top boss walk. It was only after the prison escape scene that he coughed delicately and there was pin drop silence in the room. Nobody had the guts to say anything.

Basically, in this situation, I obviously couldn’t control my laughter. I burst out laughing and had to rush to the washroom to subdue my giggles. Thankfully, I wasn’t the one who was using the remote. When I walked back in, everybody was standing and our dear boss was seated, with his arms crossed and was asking someone for an explanation.

Basically, everybody was dead meat. The only decision pending was who was going to say what. This poor boy, let’s call him A, the youngest of the lot and the most honest too, started out with,” Sir basically, we wanted to watch Budapest because we were trying to figure out why the damn thing had got so many Osca nominations. Basically sir, it’s a movie about hotels and this fancy English ass man leading old women astray. Basically sir, the visuals are amazing but the storyline is very..erm..basic.”

Now this upset me at two levels. One, I absofuckinglutely loved the Grand Budapest Hotel and everything about it – the brilliant characters, the soundtrack, the cinematography, the script and the set. I daresay basically everything. Two, what was all of this basic business? Basically, I didn’t get this basic usage so I was darned sure that big boss wasn’t going to get it either.144b132

After about another 2 minutes of awkward silence, big boss got up, dusted his pants and said,” Basically, all I’m gonna say is that you need to do a little reading up on the movie and widen your horizons about movie making and also look up the dictionary and explain to me later in the day what basically means”.

O boy, o boy! Happiest day ever! At least someone, even though he was the grouchy big boss, did like Budapest and also understood the basically bullshit that honest A was throwing. Made my day. So basically, basically is very trendy and may be very convenient but it not correct. You may reconsider using thus, else, probably, later, and, so ,if etc to make points. Basically, using basically doesn’t basically get you brownie points.


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