So high, you can’t get over! O, wonderful love.

Im surrounded by love and not getting any of it.
Summer is here. The sun is bright. Cuckoos coo. Sparrows sway. Swallows swoop. I’m watching rom coms. Innumerable kisses. I don’t get any. People holding hands. My hands are chapping with loveliness -.- there are people in love all around. Even my parents are being civil to each other. I don’t want heavy duty. Just a little here and some there. To feel loved, qppreciated and cared for. Maybe I’m not lovin people hard enough. But I want to. Not a relationship. But love. Undiluted, unadulterated, continuous, free flowing, all consuming, happy love 🙂 sounds like a salt advertisement though :p hahahahahahahhaa


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