Summers and Lazy assery.

The apparent contradictions in my life are sleep and utility. 



When I need to work, slog my ass off really, I can fall asleep in half a second. Brain dead, dream less sleep which can last for hours at a stretch any time of the day or the night. Before exams, during exams, during the prep leave, while drafting proposals, writing assignments.

But, but, but when I have nothing to do in the whole wide world. After the exams are over, dissertation has been submitted, projects are over then the Lady sleep avoids me like I’m the plague. That’s not effin’ fair! That’s why I’m always going to be a lazy bum and now i think I’m rather proud of this lazy assery! 😛


The blazing heat repels me from outdoors. I hide underneath beds,sofas and dining tables to stay cool. There is this animal magnetism between me and the cool marble floor which becomes stronger as the temperature increases. We spend most of our time in close proximity 😛

Necessity is the mother of invention and I’ve invented the most marvellous ways of keeping cool in this maddening heat! Keeping close to the close floor is the first while, eating ice cubes is a close second! Aah the refreshment is beyond comparison! Keeping a wet ‘kerchief around the nape of the neck is rather neat too! Keeps the medulla oblongata functioning on track!

Being a social person, I revel in the company of people. But the heat makes me wary of any kind of contact. Talking on the phone, meeting new people as well as going out seem like gigantic tasks, the end result of the laziness of course!

But this new awkwardness with people of the opposite sex is rather hilarious. It’s astonishing to see myself running out of conversation and staring at my toes. People around me find it pretty amusing as well!


Again this laziness stop me from writing a longer post. Let’s hope the summer takes a break soon! 


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