Words. Poetry. Couplets. Music. Lyrics.

I enjoy reading. It takes me to a whole new world of my own within my head where nothing is impossible. The power of words is what amazes me. So simple and yet so powerful. Great music coupled with awesome lyrics can take you to heaven. I’ve been fascinated with lyrics of songs since I was a kid. I used to memorise the song lyrics and sing them all day long. (sing horribly of course)

One of my current favourites these days is Rapunzal by Dave Matthews Band and the song is just beautiful and the lyrics even more amazing!

“I think the world of you 
All of my heart I do 
Blood through my veins for you 
You alone have all of me 
I give my world to you 
To you I will be true 
Too good to be real 
Smell of something cooking 
My soul you’re to steal 
Food of love we’re filling 
What you’ve given me 
For it there is no measure 
Of one thing I am sure 
I’ll give my best for you”

Oh,these lyrics give me goosebumps! What more than a romantic bongaloo with your loved one with this song on! Perfect!

After music, I read Rumi. Again, his quotes are mind blowing! They change your perspective about so many things! My favourite Rumi quote is

Even after all these years, 
the Sun never says 
to the Earth 
“You owe Me.” 
Look what happens— 
with a Love 
like that, 
It lights 
the whole 

What wouldn’t I do for love like that! (sigh)

My current obsession yet again is the song Gulaabi Ankhein penned by Anand Bakshi and sung by Mohammad Rafi. Brilliant example of a peppy romantic number with lyrics that are out of the world!

“Maine sada chaaha yehi
Daaman bacha loon haseenon se main
Teri kasam khwaabon mein bhi
Bachta fira naazneenon se main
Tauba magar mil gayi tujhse nazar
Mil gaya dard-e-jigar
Sun zara o bekhabar
Zara sa haske jo dekha tune
Main tera bismil ho gaya
Gulaabi aankhen jo teri dekhi
Sharaabi yeh dil ho gaya”

I read a very short poem sometime back, it’s written by someone called Brian and it’s so sweet and lovin’. That’s how love should be free from drama,tears and headaches!

You’re like a string, you silly thing
You’ve thread yourself through all my thoughts
I think about you lots and lots
Around my heart, you’ve tied your knots

You silly thing, you’re like a string
And everyday I see you giggle
Cause the more I try and wiggle
Get more tied up the more I wriggle

Oh silly string, you silly thing
Might as well give up the fight
Wrapped around me in daylight
And even in my dreams at night

You’re like a string, you silly thing
I’m all tied up, I am I guess
Though I really must confess
I love that I’m YOUR tangled mess

Brian( son of Dr. Seuss)

When I was in school, class I think, I was very scared of my hindi teacher. I was really bad at it and she despised me. But she was a really good teacher. One of the many things she taught us that year were Rahim ke Dohe(couplets).  And there is one special one which I still remember:

“rahiman dhaga prem ka matt todo chhitkay toote se phir na jure jure ganth padh jaaye toote se phir na jurre jure gaanth padh jaaye”


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